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Running Power BI on a Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide

To run Power BI on a Mac, you can use Parallels Desktop for Mac, which allows you to run Windows on your Mac computer. Since Microsoft hasn’t released an official Power BI desktop version for Mac, using Windows virtualization is a viable solution. Parallels Desktop for Mac supports both M1 and Intel-based Macs and is compatible with Windows 11, ensuring …

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Expert Tips for Creating Pro-Looking Home Videos

Making high-quality home videos is now easier than ever thanks to technological advances and readily available video editing tools. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a digital camera, you can produce videos that stand out and captivate your audience. This article offers expert tips on how to create impressive home videos that you’ll be excited to share. Experience seamless video …

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Converting Videos to 60fps

frame rate converter to adjust your video's frame rate

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro stands out as an exceptionally efficient and robust 60fps converter, adept at elevating any video’s frame rate to 60fps, with a maximum supported frame rate of 120fps. If you’re seeking a straightforward method to transition from 30fps to 60fps, this software offers the most user-friendly solution. Step 1. Import Files to the 60fps Converter …

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How to Automatically Fill Increment Cells in Excel

increment number in excel

In our everyday Excel tasks, there’s often a need to efficiently fill cells with incremental values. For instance, this might involve a simple series like 1, 2, 3… Alternatively, in certain scenarios, there arises a requirement to populate cells with increments of a specific interval, such as 10001, 10012, 10023… This guide provides solutions to rapidly and automatically accomplish these …

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A Guide to Running SQL on Apple Silicon Macs Using Docker Desktop

For software developers, having access to a local database is crucial. However, certain databases, such as Microsoft SQL, rely on the x86_64 architecture and might not be compatible with the latest Mac computers powered by Apple Silicon’s ARM64 technology. Can Microsoft SQL be Utilized on Any Mac? Regrettably, Microsoft SQL lacks support across macOS platforms, including those equipped with older …

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Occasionally, Additional Solutions Are Necessary Beyond Apple’s Offerings

Being a Mac user since the inception of the Macintosh in 1984, I tend to give Apple’s tools a shot whenever they are available for a specific task. For instance, I utilize Disk Utility to format or repair disks and USB sticks, manage fonts using Font Book, and play videos using QuickTime Player. However, I’m not entirely committed to Apple …

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The Importance of Updating Drivers in Windows 11, 10 & Windows 7

Outdated device drivers often lead to various computer problems, especially in Windows 10. Whether your computer’s performance has declined, it’s crashing, connectivity is compromised, or peripherals like your mouse, keyboard, monitor, or speakers are malfunctioning, the solution is updating your drivers. In fact, updating drivers can potentially resolve a wide range of issues. To grasp why, let’s delve into what …

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Selecting PDF Expert as Your Ideal Choice for the Academic Year

The ideal PDF editing program for both students and teachers, PDF Expert will help you get ready for the academic year. Whether you are a first-year student or a seasoned Ph.D. educator, the school year can be daunting.However, with PDF Expert, you can complete your chores more quickly and effectively. Reading, annotating, and organizing course materials is made simple by …

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Automated Method for Updating Device Drivers in Windows

Although Windows is designed to update device drivers automatically via Windows Update, it often falls short of doing so effectively. The system’s intended functionality doesn’t always work as expected. The good news is that there is still a way to guarantee that your drivers are automatically updated. In reality, completing this activity only needs one click. One-Click Method to Update …

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