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Clone Your Voice with Invideo AI: Enhance Your Videos Seamlessly

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your videos while maintaining consistency? Look no further! Invideo AI introducesits most requested feature, now live and ready to revolutionize your content creation journey.

With Invideo AI’s latest capability, you can now clone your voice effortlessly, ensuring that your videos resonate with your unique style every time.

How to Clone Your Voice in 2 Simple Steps

1️⃣ Record Your 30-Second Voice Clip

Ensure a seamless process by granting Invideo AI permission to use your voice for the cloning process.

2️⃣ Upload it to Your Account

Head to Plugins > Voices > Add Voice to effortlessly incorporate your voice into our system.

Once completed, your cloned voice will be seamlessly integrated into your videos, ensuring consistency and a personalized touch unless specified otherwise.

Unlock the power of your voice with Invideo AI’s groundbreaking feature and elevate your videos to new heights.
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❓ Does InVideo support other languages?

Yes, InVideo supports a wide range of users around the world in different languages. In addition, it offers features for localization that allow users to create videos in a variety of languages which are specifically tuned to the demographic profile of their audience.

❓ Is music on InVideo copyrighted?

Certainly, all the music available on InVideo is royalty-free.  In order to allow our users to use these tracks at no cost, we cover the licensing fees with our music partners.

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