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Remove human voice from any song with AV Audio Editor in 2 steps

Have you ever listened to a song and wished that you could remove the vocals?

Have you wanted to make a Karaoke file without the singer voice from a favorite song?

The art of removing the human voice from music tracks is very difficult to do – but it can be done with a software.

Have many way, many software to eliminate the vocal from a song. In this tutorial, I will guide you a way to remove singer voice from a MP3/FLAC,… song:

  • Using free software
  • Easy-to-do with 2 steps
  • Music without distortion
  • Totally remove voice from a song
  • Export to many audio format
  • And more.

How to do that? (Video at the end)

Please follow the instruction below.

Download and install AV Audio Editor here (Free Software)

Open AV Audio Editor, then click Open to load your song file need to remove vocal.

After AV Audio Editor has loaded the song, you see its wave form. Wave form include Left channel (above) and Right channel (below).

Move mouse to the bottom of Right Channel, Select all Right Channel (See video at the end to know how to do that)

Go to menu, chose Effects -> Invert. Click Apply in Invert window.

Right click on wave form, Click “Select All” to select All Left Channel and Right Channel.

Go to menu, Chose Effect -> Volume -> Change channel.
In Change channel window, chose preset “Killer of Stereo” 

Click Preview to see how vocal is removed from song.
Then click Apply and File -> save as… to save result to a file (MP3, FLAC,…)


Good luck!

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