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The Best Free MOV Editor Available Today

An MOV editor enables you to make various adjustments to MOV files, such as cutting, cropping, and enhancing them with effects and transitions. In this guide, we’ll explore the top Best video editing software solutions, both online and downloadable applications.

How to Perform MOV File Editing on a PC

How to Perform MOV File Editing on a PC

Video complete editor without watermark for PC is available for Windows and Mac computers under the name Movavi Video Editor. Seven days of free use are provided during the trial period, so consumers may examine the features before choosing the premium version. Movavi Video Editor, which is designed specifically for editing MOV files, has an easy-to-use interface, a wealth of capabilities, and various transition possibilities. Additionally, it guarantees quick processing times, giving customers the freedom to edit HD MOV files and enhance their video clips in various artistic ways.

Step 1: Download and Install the MOV File Editor

Start by downloading Movavi Video Editor directly here to take advantage of the discount and installing it. Follow the installation instructions, and within minutes, the software will be ready for use on your Mac or Windows device.

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Step 2: Add Your Files

Add Your Files

Once the software is installed, open it and add MOV video files from your computer, flash drive, mobile device, or even directly from a connected camera. You can also record new files with your webcam for editing within the application. Click on “Add Files” to upload your videos.

Step 3: Edit Your Video

Numerous options, including as cropping, cutting, combining, transitions, filters, and more, are available in Movavi Video Editor

Once your video clip has loaded, you may begin altering it to meet your needs. Numerous options, including as cropping, cutting, combining, transitions, filters, and more, are available in Movavi Video Editor. You may freely change the contrast, brightness, saturation, and add other effects to your video. In order to tailor your editing experience to your tastes, you may also add filters, combine MOV files, change soundtracks, and more.

Step 4: Save Your Edited File

Save Your Edited File

After making the necessary edits to your MOV file, you can save the edited clip to your device. Movavi Video Editor also enables you to convert the file to popular formats like MP4. Moreover, you can directly upload your edited video to platforms such as YouTube or export it to other devices like your phone or tablet.

Best Free MOV Editors for PC

There are other Free video editorMOV editors available in addition to Movavi Video Editor:

1. Avidemux [Windows, macOS, Linux]

Avidemux is a straightforward yet effective MOV video editor compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. While it supports basic editing functions for MOV, AVI, MP4, and ASF files, it lacks advanced features found in other editors. Ideal for fundamental alterations and edits, it’s completely free but might not receive frequent updates or extensive developer support.


  • It’s available for free.
  • It operates on the three primary platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • It’s valuable for performing fundamental edits on MOV files and other widely used video formats.


  • It lacks the advanced features and complexity found in more sophisticated editing programs.
  • Infrequent updates and limited developer support are drawbacks.

2. Free Video Cutter [Windows]

Free Video Cutter is designed for basic cutting and trimming tasks, supporting various video formats like MOV, MPEG, DivX, and AVI. Its simplicity makes it beginner-friendly, primarily focusing on dividing larger MOV files into smaller clips. However, it lacks advanced editing features.


  • Extremely user-friendly and suitable for beginners.
  • Ideal for dividing large MOV files and other formats into smaller sections.
  • Compatible with a wide range of popular file formats.


3. VSDC Free Video Editor [Windows]

VSDC Free Video Editor is a versatile tool supporting MOV, MKV, MPG, and other formats. It offers advanced editing features, effects, transitions, and tools, making it suitable for various editing needs. While free to use, it requires payment for technical support and might be complex for beginners.


  • It’s entirely free of charge.
  • Offers an abundance of advanced editing features, effects, and tools.
  • Additionally, it serves as a converter and DVD authoring tool.


  • Access to technical support requires a premium payment.
  • The user interface might be challenging for beginners due to its complexity.

OpenShot [Windows, macOS, Linux]

OpenShot, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, provides a user-friendly interface with advanced features like trimming, special effects, color adjustments, and more. While it offers diverse editing options, beginners might find certain features challenging to grasp initially.


  • Offers a wide array of diverse editing features for experimentation.
  • Features a remarkably simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Completely free and open source.


  • Some of the features may initially appear confusing to users.
  • Beginners might require some time to become accustomed to this program.

5. iMovie [macOS, iOS]

iMovie is Apple’s default video editor for macOS and iOS devices. It supports MOV files and offers features like trimming, cropping, adding effects, and adjusting soundtracks. While user-friendly, it’s exclusive to Apple platforms and may have slower processing on older devices.

Top Online MOV Video Editors

1. Fastreel

Fastreel is a convenient online MOV editor that eliminates the need for downloads or installations. Accessible directly from your browser, it provides a user-friendly platform for editing MOV files. Fastreel offers a range of tools and pre-made templates for tasks like merging, compression, cutting, and more. It caters to various needs, including creating intro clips, outros, advertisements, and celebration videos. While the basic version is free, premium subscriptions are available for enhanced features.


  • Free to use
  • Browser-based, eliminating the need for downloads or installations
  • Offers a variety of editing tools and pre-made templates


  • Free version has limitations
  • Premium subscription required for full features

2. WeVideo

With 30 million users, WeVideo is a popular online video editor suitable for diverse purposes, including business, social media, education, marketing, and personal use. It boasts efficient video processing, a vast stock library with over a million items, green-screen effects, and support for various video formats. While it offers a wide array of features, access to advanced tools requires a premium subscription.


  • Fast and efficient video editing
  • Cross-platform compatibility, including mobile devices
  • Rich collection of editing tools and effects


  • Premium subscription needed for full access

3. Clideo

Clideo is a trusted online video editor used by millions of monthly users. It supports MOV files and various other formats, providing tools for merging, resizing, cutting, cropping, speed adjustment, subtitles, and compression. Its simplicity makes it beginner-friendly, allowing users to add a video and easily make edits. While it offers a straightforward interface, it requires payment for usage and lacks flexibility in payment plans.


  • Offers a range of editing tools
  • User-friendly design
  • Easy to use


  • Requires payment for access
  • Limited flexibility in payment plans

In Summary

When choosing an MOV editor, consider factors like ease-of-use, available features, and user ratings. Each of the mentioned editors provides diverse editing options, from basic adjustments to advanced effects and audio customization, making them suitable for various editing needs.

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1. Which video editing programs are highly rated for editing MOV files?

Some of the highest-rated video editing programs for working with MOV files include Movavi Video Editor, VSDC Free Video Editor, iMovie, and Fastreel. You can begin using any of these to edit MOV videos.
How can I edit MOV files on a PC?

2. How can I edit MOV files on a PC?

See here >>> How to Perform MOV File Editing on a PC

3. How can I edit a MOV file on my Mac?

To edit an MOV file on a Mac, you can use editing software compatible with macOS like Movavi Video Editor or iMovie.

  1. Download and install Movavi Video Editor for Mac.
  2. Upload the videos you want to edit by clicking on Add Files.
  3. Utilize the tools and features provided by the program to edit your videos.
  4. Save your edited video by clicking on Export.

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