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Mastering Sony and Kobo eBook Access on Adobe Digital Editions

When purchasing eBooks from Sony, Kobo, or similar stores, they typically come protected with Adobe DRM. While these books are primarily intended for dedicated eReaders, there are instances where you might need to access them on your computer. In addition to the official reading software provided by Sony or Kobo for PC/Mac, you can also use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) for this purpose.

If you’re considering removing Adobe DRM from Sony or Kobo EPUB & PDF eBooks, it’s essential to use ADE for reading. utilizing Adobe Digital Editions to read eBooks from Sony and Kobo is made easy with this thorough instruction, which also emphasizes the need of utilizing ADE for successful DRM removal.

How to use Adobe Digital Editions to read Sony/Kobo eBooks

Both Sony and Kobo eBooks are compatible with Adobe Digital Editions, making it a convenient option for accessing your digital library.

Both Sony and Kobo eBooks are compatible with Adobe Digital Editions
Both Sony and Kobo eBooks are compatible with Adobe Digital Editions

Reading Adobe DRM-protected books from Sony and Kobo involves distinct procedures. Here’s how to access Sony and Kobo books separately.

Part 1: How to Read Sony Books on Adobe Digital Editions

  1. Begin by downloading and installing Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. On the “Setup Assistant” screen, authorize your computer using your Adobe ID. If you don’t have one, simply click “get an Adobe ID online” to create it.
  3. Add Sony books to your library by selecting “Library” and then choosing “Add Item to Library.” Navigate to the EPUB book within your Sony folder (typically located at Libraries/My Documents/My Books/Reader) and ensure it’s readable on ADE.

Helpful Tips for Sony Users.

  • If you encounter difficulties opening your Sony book on ADE, it may be due to downloading from an unauthorized device. Authorize your device with the same Adobe ID and redownload the book to your computer.
  • For guidance on authorizing your Sony for PC, access the “Help” menu, then select “Reader Help.” Follow the prompts under “Contents” / “Authorize Computer and Reader Device” to complete the process.

Part 2: How to Access Kobo Books on Adobe Digital Editions

1. Sign in to Kobo’s official site.

2. Navigate to “MY LIBRARY” in the top navigation bar.

How to Access Kobo Books on Adobe Digital Editions

3. Locate your desired book and click on “ADOBE DRM EPUB” to download the corresponding ACSM file to your computer.

click on "ADOBE DRM EPUB" to download the corresponding ACSM file to computer

4. Simply drag the downloaded ACSM file into Adobe Digital Editions, or right-click the file and select “Open with” -> “Adobe Digital Editions.” Your EPUB book will be seamlessly downloaded during this process.

Helpful Tips for Kobo Users:

  • To access the downloaded EPUB book path, click the triangular button located on the left side of the book. Then, select “Item Info” to reveal the file path. By default, the EPUB book is stored in the following directory: …/Documents/My Digital Editions.
access the downloaded EPUB book path
  • Ensure your Kobo software/device and ADE are authorized with the same Adobe ID to avoid compatibility issues.
  • In step 3, if you see a “DOWNLOAD EPUB” button rather than “ADOBE DRM EPUB,” select “DOWNLOAD EPUB” to start the EPUB book’s download to your computer. If the downloaded Kobo book is in ZIP format, you may simply rename the “.zip” extension to “.epub”. After that, all you have to do is right-click the EPUB file and choose “Open with” Adobe Digital Editions to get your material instantly.
  • Note that Kobo’s DRM scheme changed after Kobo 3.19, resulting in KEPUB format downloads, not the adobe supported ePub or PDF.

Unlock the Potential: Read Adobe EPUB & PDF eBooks on ADE for Successful DRM Removal

It’s crucial to authorize Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID and ensure your books are accessible on ADE before considering DRM removal. Adobe DRM encryption is intricately tied to the user’s Adobe ID, making it imperative for the DRM removal program to have access to the correct Adobe ID for seamless decryption.

If ADE fails to open DRM-protected eBooks despite authorization, it suggests a discrepancy between the Adobe ID used for encryption and the one being used. Consequently, the DRM removal program will struggle to decrypt your eBooks effectively.

By following these steps meticulously, you can seamlessly access and manage your Sony and Kobo eBooks through Adobe Digital Editions, ensuring a smooth reading experience across devices while safeguarding against DRM constraints.

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❓ How does Adobe Digital Editions DRM work?

Adobe Digital Editions DRM operates by employing encryption methods to safeguard digital media and files, preventing unauthorized access or use. To provide security and protection, encryption transforms the material into a format that is only accessible by authorized users.

❓ How do I remove Adobe Digital Editions authorization?

To remove authorization from Adobe Digital Editions, navigate to Help and select Erase Authorization. Enter the password associated with your Adobe Digital Editions account in the prompted window, then click Erase Authorization to complete the process.

❓ How many devices can I use Adobe Digital Editions on?

With one Adobe ID, you can activate Adobe Digital Editions on up to six computers or mobile devices. Should you exceed this limit, please reach out to us for assistance in resetting your activations.

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