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How to get Real-time Voice Changer Software

There are many voice changing programs which allow you to change your voice and make it sound cooler. However, not all of them can offer users the ability to produce the professional-quality audio/voice output in real time.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the rare one out there which can assist you in this job! This advanced voice changing tool includes a wide variety of cool voice modifying functions such as Parody Maker, Voice Comparator, Voice Recorder, Voice-over and many tutorials on how to change voice in Voice Application and Chat client. In addition, its long list of preset voice samples and built-in effects are also just one-click-away to help you produce the best-quality audio masterpieces ever.

Voice Changer Software Diamond Main Panel

>> PROS:
– New, fast and efficient interface;
– Huge ‘nickvoice‘ store and user community;
– Change voice in real time;
– Compatible with most applications;
– Lots of help and support, with F.A.Q.s and forums

>> CONS:
– First try are not always perfect;

In case you need a voice changing tool for changing voice manipulation purposes, below information is always helps you to do-it-yourself professional task:


Upgrade to Full VCS Diamond with 40% Coupon

Ventrilo voice changer

How to change voice in Ventrilo

How to change to female with Voice Changer Diamond


Change voice to Morgan Freeman with Voice Changer Software

Easy ways to change your voice

Easy Tips to Change Your Voice

Fun with Halloween Voice Changer Software


Change Voice in Skype call

How to speak like celebrity voice

How to speak like celebrity using voice changer software

Darth Vader voice changer real-time

Optimus Prime Voice changer

Make children believe that Santa Claus exists with surprising calls

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