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How to reclaim space and speed up iPhone/iPad?

iPhone looks sharp, however the glossy exterior hides an inner life which looks like bachelor pad floor. Broken bits of unused files, uncompressed pictures, application caches, backup logs and cookies clog up the works. iPhone messy exclusive lives will not matter much to you when they did not affect you. How frequent do you get yourself incapable to download an update because of limited storage space? Or you experience low performance after removing lots of unused applications, cleaning old pictures and playlists?

Well the problem is not you. It is that Apple’s choices for handling the space on iOS device do not really give you authority of what is on your device. How frequent have you utilized iTunes to delete or backup the pictures from your phone in order to save space, just to find that somehow pictures still take up a huge amount of storage? iMyfone Umate for Windows (iMyfone Umate for Mac also available) provides another choice, giving you the authority to efficiently handle what stays on your iPhone and how. It is powerful, intuitive, and fast as well as provides users control to ensure their iOS devices are well running, carrying precisely the contents they select.

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Read through the article below you will know how to free up space for your iPhone with iMyfone Umate.

Step 1: Download and install iMyfone Umate, then connect your iPhone

Connect your iOS device to your PC.
Connect your iOS device to your PC.

And then you will see the software home interface.

iMyfone Umate's home interface
iMyfone Umate’s home interface

Step 2: Clean the “Quick Scan” button. It will securely scan your iPhone and find out how much space you can free up by cleaning your device.

iMyfone is clear that you do have huge space to save.
iMyfone is clear that you do have huge space to save.

Step 3. Click the “Clear” button to complete the cleaning procedure. This software can help you free up tons of storage.

  • Clean junk files and temporary files, including app caches/cookies/temp files/crash logs
  • Compress photos. Clean camera roll, photo stream and photo library cache files generated by third-party apps.
  • Back up and selectively clean large files and large apps.

1. Clean Junk and temporary files.

Click the “Clean” button on the interface, and then your iPhone will get space restored.

You will see how much space has been released
You will see how much space has been released

2. Compress Losslessly & Mass Delete Photos

The photo stream take up too much space, if not want to delete photos, you can compress your photos!  Or if you have many unwanted photos, without deleting photos one by one, all your photos can be removed by one click.

  • Compress photos to release up to 75% of camera photos’ space
  • Mass delete all the unwanted photoswith one click

Click “Backup & Compress”, all your original photos will be backed up on your computer.

Compress photos losslessly with iMyfone Umate
Compress photos losslessly with iMyfone Umate

And then the software will start to compress photos to help you reclaim 75% of your iPhone photos’ storage.

Photos are Backed up and exported
Photos are Backing up and exporting

Finally, you will see the amount of storage saved by compressing photos losslessly. No difference between the compressed photos and original photos!

Storage saved by compressing photos losslessly
Storage saved by compressing photos losslessly by iMyfone Umate

3. Deep cleaning for your iPhone

From iMyfone Technology, lightweight utility to speed up and clean up iPhone, iPod and iPad, iMyfone Umate knows precisely what is taking the space of your iPhone.

  • Scan and find all the videos which are over 5MB
  • Selectively uninstall the apps by one click to release space

* If you want to buy it with for more iOS device (up to Unlimited iOS Devices), I suggest to find the Family License and Business License at my iMyfone coupon discount listing page.


  1. Warranty: Free trial is on hand prior to the purchase. iMyfone Umate offers 30 day refund to make clients rest assured
  2. 100% Secure: Your personal and financial information are secured and protected with complete encryption as well as state of the art fraud protection and security.
  3. Free Support: A free lifetime update assistance as well as technical support is given to make sure convenience.

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