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AV Voice Changer Software Activation code

Today, iVoiceSoft.com will introduce about AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9 (Diamond, Gold & Basic) for who want make change in vocal input.

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What is AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 8?

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 is designed to capture and modify any vocal input from any source and then manipulate that input to create a wide variety of effects in order to create a unique vocal output.

This voice mastering program lets you easily change timbre and pitch, adjust age and gender to match any voice you like. Its brilliant Smartphone-like interface, huge “nickvoice” library and advanced voice modifying modules will help you create natural voices effortlessly. The program supports most audio formats and is compatible with most IM, VoIP clients, in-game chat systems, and media players.

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 is a best-selling products of Audio4fun. Please feel free to download from Audio4fun’s collection of Audio/Video Software programs.

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A Real-time Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 will help you to create a unique vocal output base on your input in real-time. Ex, If you call to your friend via Skype then using VCSD to change your voice, your friend will immediately hear your new voice with modification by setting in VCSD. (See how to do it)

The real-time mean you can say then hear your modification voice without lapse of time.

This is service for doing a wide range of voice changing task like as chatting in VoIP calling, chatting in gaming, dubbing in film making, or radio broadcasting online,…

~> See more about Real-time Voice Changer Software and Easy Tips to Change Your Voice


Main windows with Nickvoice “Male voice to …” of Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0

Why AV Voice Changer Software?

  • A real-time Voice Changer;
  • Professional yet friendly user interface;
  • 3-Dimensional voice changing (Timbre & Pitch, Formant Pitch);
  • Combination of Voice Morpher, Sound Quality, Voice Equalizer, Vowel Enhancer, Equalizer And Voice Make-ups will produce the most natural-sounding;
  • Hundreds of customizable preset voices – “nickvoices” – ready to use with just 1 click;
  • Hundreds of movie-style sound effects;
  • Animal voices Parody and Voice for movie maker;
  • Voice Comparator: analyze and compare your voice with your target voice, then suggest the most similar voice settings in order to help you achieve it shortly;
  • And many outstanding features.

For more details about outstanding features, new features and main modules, reat at AV Voice Changer Software Diamond quick tour.

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Must have tutorials

Listed bellow is tutorial for using AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. Click to which you want to read more.

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