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Audio4fun review – Review and Tips to buy Audio4fun’s product

About Audio4fun

Audio4fun – Audio4fun.com is a software publisher. Audio4fun provide end-users with new entertainment experiences in chat, web phone, PC2phone and online gaming; Total privacy in any voice or video chat room; The ability to turn a PC into a home recording studio, a music machine, and a CD/DVD maker.

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Audio4fun is currently offering four products series: What’s Product

What’s HOT

Throughout many years of continuous development, Audio4fun has been involved in audio and video software technologies and has specialized in three core areas:

  • Audio and Video Morphing Algorithms: These algorithms enable users to apply real-time effects and filters to voices, sounds, and images generated from any digital device or plug-in on a PC. These morphing algorithms include the pitch-timbre morpher, frequency morpher, advanced tune module, equalizer, as well as others, and the output can be saved in a variety of formats.
  • Audio and Video Stream Interception: This technology provides the capability to mix audio and video streams together, no matter what the generating source; recording streams, playing streams, or capture streams from a microphone, media player, internet radio/video, voice chat, PC2phone, or web cam — the sound/image can be captured and processed.
  • Audio and Video Real Time Effecting: This is one area of great success for Audio4fun which is developing algorithms that apply effects to sounds and pictures in real-time. For example, one application allows the user to modify, in real time, their broadcast voice and image, either in chat rooms or in internet conversations.

See more details about Audio4fun at official page: http://www.audio4fun.com/aboutus.htm

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