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AV Music Morpher Gold – Download & Activation code

If you are a music maker, owning a music editing tool is a must. And in case you’re still confusing about choosing one, iVoiceSoft will show you a review on an interesting music editor, called AV Music Morpher Gold.

Let’s glance at it, download and get free Activation code now!

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CNET rating: cnet-rate-40-star

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About AV Music Morpher Gold

This is a versatile software that will thrill any DJ and home entertainer. The program is a specialized music editor produced by Audio4fun. It comes with all the useful features a real music maker needs, such as Editing (cut/paste sample fragments/copy/change/replace), Voice Remover (extract voice from audio), MP3 Recorder, Audio Converter, Media Player, a rich menu of vivid audio effects, and an advanced morphing tool. (See more How to get Real-time Voice Changer Software)

Music Morpher Gold screenshot

~> How to extract the sound from video

Professional yet friendly user interface

AV Music Morpher Gold impresses users with its professional look and reasonable feature arrangements. However, every user still find it simple and friendly to use. All the buttons and morphing sessions are well-arranged so even newbies won’t need to spend too much time exploring this program.

An all-in-one music making suite

The program features a multi-track recorder as well as an advanced editing tool. Songs can be remixed using channel adjustment, mixing different tracks to create alternative audio sounds.

Studio-quality effects are also included to assist users in making attractive masterpieces. Besides, Music Morpher Gold even offers everyone the capability to change Timbre and Pitch of a singer’s voice, so that you can easily modify the tunes in your own creative ways.

In addition to such cool features, there are a few more helpful features you can take advantage in this program too, such as high-quality music player, audio converter, voice recorder/remover, voice changer, etc.

Real-time morphing algorithms

The morphing settings in Music Morpher Gold can be run in real time, which means you can listen to music, apply effects, and hear the changes on the fly. The available effect library offers a wide range of morphing options for instant use, which will be a “secret weapon” for any creative DJ.


  • Includes various helpful editing/morphing tools
  • Supports almost any audio files
  • Offers advanced tool to make CD/DVD cover
  • High-quality sound effects
  • Real-time morphing ability
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface


  • Trial version is limited to testing
  • Installation process may take a while
  • Voice Remover/Extractor doesn’t produce absolutely clean output. It depends on the original quality of input file.

All in all, AV Music Morpher Gold is bundled with powerful features for audio editing purposes, and we definitely recommend it to all users.

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AV Music Morpher Gold activation code

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