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Change Voice While Chatting in Steam Game Portal

Steam is an ultimate entertainment platform which allows its players to play games, connect with each other, be creative and many more.

Interesting facts about Steam:

  • Instant access to thousands of games, from action to Indie
  • Huge online community: 9.5 million online games and 2.4 million in-game
  • Freedom to create and share content/items
  • Entertainment everywhere (TV, mobile, PC, Mac, Linux.)

Today, iVoiceSoft will guide you on how to make chatting activities in Steam more exciting by making weird and cool voices to prank your fellow online gamers. This tutorial includes assistance from voice changer software developed by AVSoft Corporation. To proceed further, it is required that you should have the game and a voice changer software installed and set up on in your computer.

Voice Changer Software Diamond (VCSD) is a latest version in voice changer software series developed by Audio4fun.com. The professional program costs $99.95, but you can get 30% discount exclusively on AV Voice Changer Diamond at iVoiceSoft.

Step 1: Turn on Virtual Audio Device mode (VAD mode)

Double-click on VCSD icon to run the program. On the main panel, click Preferences >> Select Virtual Driver Mode (1) >> OK (2).

VCSD Preferences

Step 2: Configure Audio Settings in Steam

Open Steam >> Login to your account >> Menu Steam >> Settings (1)

audio setting of steam

When Settings window pops up, go to Voice tab (2) >> Change Device… (3) to open Sound settings window.

audio setting of steam 1

Then select Microphone Avsoft Virtual Audio Device (4) >> Set default (5) >> OK (6)

Back to Steam’s Settings >> Click Detect Audio Devices to set Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) as Recording (audio input) device (7) >> Click OK (8)

audio setting of steam 2

Now, the specified AV Audio Driver has been selected as main audio driver and is recognized by World of Warcraft.

Note that you shouldn’t turn off VCSD while playing game as it’s now used as audio driver for the game and control your voice modifications from now on. In case you don’t wish to change voice while playing game, change this audio setting back to normal source.

Step 3: Have fun changing voice in Steam

Since audio settings are now ready, you can adjust available settings on VCSD main panel and speak to the microphone to see the difference. Check out several useful tutorials to see how this advanced voice changer software is able to do magic to your voice.

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