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Media Player Morpher 6.0 Plus [Download]

Do you get bored watching the same movies and listening to the same songs over and over, yet you don’t want to spend a lot of money on new ones?

Now with Media Player Morpher PLUS, you can create unlimited video/audio masterpieces from just ONE original version, as many as you like.

With Media Player Morpher PLUS in hand, you can:

  • Experience an ultimate morphing experience with 60+ single effects, 50+ special audio effects, and 10+ voice morphing effects newly added.
  • Produce the best-quality audio masterpieces by adding a fabulous pseudo-surround effect, along with a selection of hundreds of included audio presets, or from a rich list of natural sound effects.
  • Receive our 24/7 PLUS support services, including technical support, easy retrieval of a lost serial number, free updates for all builds/versions/add-ons, …
  • Create Virtual Surround Sound with Virtual Sound Bar
  • Audio effect samples available in Media Player Morpher PLUS
  • Audio Editor: The Richest Library Of Effects Plug-Ins For Sound Design
  • More about Media Player Morpher Plus here
Include Full Of Features For Your Every Need
Include Full Of Features For Your Every Need

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