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frame rate converter to adjust your video's frame rate
frame rate converter to adjust your video's frame rate

A Step-by-Step Guide to Converting Videos to 60fps

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro stands out as an exceptionally efficient and robust 60fps converter, adept at elevating any video’s frame rate to 60fps, with a maximum supported frame rate of 120fps. If you’re seeking a straightforward method to transition from 30fps to 60fps, this software offers the most user-friendly solution.

Step 1. Import Files to the 60fps Converter

Launch the WonderFoxHD Video Converter Factory with 60fps converter on your computer and choose the “Converter” option. Add your video files by clicking on “Add Files” or dragging them into the interface. You can also set the output path by clicking the triangle button at the bottom.

Import Files to the 60fps Converter
Add video files

Step 2. Select Output Format

On the right side of the program, click on “Output Format” to choose your desired format or device profile for the converted video. You have the flexibility to retain the original format or experiment with various options like MP4, MKV, MOV, MTS, iPhone, Android, smart TVs, and HD/4K formats.

Select Output Format,
Various formats

Step 3. Transform the Video into 60fps

Click on the “Parameter settings” button and navigate to the “Frame Rate” option. Choose 60fps as your desired frame rate. Additionally, you can customize the frame rate to 120fps if needed.

Transform the Video into 60fps
Personlize the fps

Note: You have the flexibility to adjust other video settings such as resolution (including conversion to 4K 60fps), bit rate, aspect ratio, and volume according to your preferences.

Step 4: Start Conversion

Click the “Run” button to initiate the conversion process. Wait for a few moments as the software converts the videos to 60fps. Batch conversion is supported, allowing you to process multiple videos at once.

Start Conversion
Launch your 60fps conversion

Learn More About HD 60 FPS Converter

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro capabilities extend beyond mere 30fps to 60fps conversion; it effortlessly handles conversions from frame rates like 29.9fps to 60fps and even from 24fps to 60fps.

Additionally, it excels as an HD/4K converter, effortlessly transforming videos into both 1080P 60fps and 4K 60fps formats, all without any hassle.

Converting Videos from 60fps to 30fps or 24fps

Some people may be confused by the process of converting videos from 60fps to 24fps.

Notably, HD Video Converter Factory Pro provides a flexible solution that goes beyond simply raising frame rates to 60fps. It enables a reverse transformation, allowing you to decrease the frames per second (fps) to cater to specific requirements. For instance, if you’re aiming to impart an old-fashioned film or black-and-white aesthetic to your video, reducing the fps is essential to replicate the look of decades past. By following a similar procedure to the one used for increasing fps, you can effectively lower the frame rate.

You can experience this capability firsthand by get and utilizing this software to convert 60fps videos to 24fps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Difference Between 60fps and 30fps Noticeable?

When viewing slow-motion content, the disparity between 60fps and 30fps becomes apparent. A 60fps video exhibits smoother and clearer visuals, whereas a 30fps video tends to appear blurry and less optimal. For static content, the distinctions between the two frame rates are generally minimal.

2. Which is Better: 120fps or 60fps?

Undoubtedly, 120fps captures more intricate graphic details than 60fps. However, this enhanced detail comes with the trade-off of larger file sizes. On the contrary, 60fps maintains a smaller file size and provides smooth and satisfactory visual quality for typical viewing experiences. Your choice between prioritizing quality or file size depends on your personal preferences.

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