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Transform Your Videos Effortlessly with Movavi Video Converter

Are you grappling with video file compatibility issues? Learn how to seamlessly change video formats using this reliable online video file converter. Whether you encounter playback problems, file size concerns, or device compatibility issues, Movavi Video Converter has you covered.

Transform Your Videos Effortlessly with Movavi Video Converter

Why Change Video Formats?

At some point, you may face challenges opening video files on your device or encounter distortions during playback. The solution? Convert your video files to a format supported by your device using Movavi’s user-friendly desktop app. If large file sizes or incorrect audio codecs are causing issues, easily compress your videos with this versatile conversion tool.

Movavi Video Converter – Your All-in-One Solution

This desktop app eliminates the complexities associated with video formats. With an intuitive English language interface, even beginners can effortlessly convert and edit videos. A wide range of popular video and audio formats, including AVI, MP4, MOV, 3GP, FLV, MKV, WMV, MP3, WAV, are supported by Movavi Video Converter.

Tailored for Your Devices

Smartphone, tablet, or media player not supporting your multimedia format? More than 200 pre-made presets for different devices are available in Movavi Video Converter, guaranteeing compatibility with the newest versions of Android phones, Windows Phone 8, Samsung, Nokia, Sony PSP, Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad, among other devices. Just select your device and click Convert – it’s that simple!

Ready for Online Sharing

Planning to share videos on social media or your blog? Let Movavi Video Converter handle the technical aspects. With the program’s presets for well-known websites, you can make sure your films are ready for the web without having to know a lot about technology.

How to Change a Video Format in a Few Clicks

Don’t know where to start? Follow these easy steps with Movavi Video Converter:

Step 1: Download and Install Movavi Video Converter

Download the program for your Windows PC or Mac, follow the on-screen instructions, and let the program launch automatically.

Step 2: Add Your Video to the Program

Click “Add Media,” then select “Add Video.” Locate the file(s) you want to convert on your hard drive and add them to the conversion queue.

Add a file to the program

3. Choose Output Format:

  • In the lower interface, select your desired output format from the Video, Devices, or Audio tabs. Use the search box for quick access to presets.
Choose Output Format

Step 4: Compress Your Video (if desired)

To decrease the output file size, select the file size value and use the File size slider to make adjustments. The application will automatically adjust the bitrate to achieve the specified size. If you wish to compress a portion of your video and preview the outcome, click “Convert sample.”

Step 5: Edit Your Video (if desired).

Explore the myriad editing options provided by Movavi Video Converter. Click on “Edit” to access the tools you require. Utilize the Trim tab to eliminate undesired segments, select a video filter from the Effects tab, and add subtitles effortlessly by navigating to the Subtitles tab. Once you’ve made the desired adjustments, simply click on “Save and Close” to apply the changes.

Edit Your Video

Step 6: Start the Conversion

Simply click on “Convert” located in the bottom right corner to initiate the encoding process. Once the file is ready, the folder containing the output file will automatically open.

Fantastic! Now you’re well-equipped to change a video format with just a couple of clicks.

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1. Which video format is best?

MP4 and WMV are the best video file formats to use on the web because they provide a good mix of compatibility with most web browsers and file size. Due to their extensive support and effective compression, these formats are recommended.

2. What is file size what factors affect file size?

The amount of data or information stored within a file is referred to as its file size. In general, as a file contains more data, such as lengthier audio or video content, it becomes larger. However, various factors determining file size are related to the content’s quality. As a general rule, increased complexity in file content results in larger file size.

3. Why is it important to reduce file size?

File size reduction is important since it may save a lot of money on storage costs because compressed files use a lot less space than uncompressed ones. Compressed files also allow for faster transfers and use less network capacity, which saves money and increases productivity.

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