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Create personalized photo calendars for home and office from over 100 templates!
Create personalized photo calendars for home and office from over 100 templates!

How to Create Personalized Photo Calendar

Looking for new ideas for your DIY projects? This tutorial will guide you on how to create unique printable calendars which are not only useful for your daily activities, but also makes your room look way cooler than ever.

The tool in use today is Photo Calendar Creator PRO – professional calendar making software which includes 100 cool templates to get started! This interesting application supports 7 different languages and up to 11 languages for calendar.

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Check out some cool ideas below:

Now, let’s see how it works!

Step 1: Create your new project

Choose calendar type from various options as below:

Photo Calendar Creator PRO - Calendar types

– Pick your favorite calendar template, and layout for the months.

– For every layout, you always need a main photo, so make sure you have chosen a high quality photo to make your calendar look great.

Photo Calendar Creator PRO - templates Photo Calendar Creator PRO - layouts

Step 2: Apply advanced visual settings

– Customize your calendar using its built-in settings. The program offers various adjustments for user’s options (page size, resolution, width, height, orientation, etc.).

– Choose holidays you want to display on your calendar. Photo Calendar Creator PRO includes a few public holidays of Britain, France, Germany, Italia, Portugal, and Spanish. Besides, users can add new holiday groups, or edit available ones as they like.

– Modify color and background for holiday’s display.

Photo Calendar Creator PRO - Holidays

– Click Finish. The final result will be shown for your review.


  • Switch to Text tab to edit font/color/size/shadow for texts (1).
  • To resize month, click on each month (or press Ctrl + click on multiple months) -> Click on Align/Resize button (2)
  • Refer to Photo and Clipart tabs for more design options (frames, outlines, funny images, …) (3).

Photo Calendar Creator PRO - Advanced editor

Step 3: Final review and save your result

This is my final result:

Photo Calendar Creator PRO - Final result

When everything’s done, you can save your calendar to common image formats, or PDF; professionals can save CMYK layouts or export to Photoshop.

Output formats

What is video tutorial to see how you can make a personalized calendar using this cool Photo Calendar Creator PRO:

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