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How To Use Luminar AI With Photoshop

If you’re already a user of Adobe Photoshop, Luminar AI can be easily integrated into each program as a plugin. This allows you to take advantage of the unique AI tools only available in Luminar AI and drastically speed up your workflow. When you first install Luminar, it may not be visible as a plugin in Photoshop. Luckily you can set it up with just a few clicks.

To apply Luminar AI as a filter, follow these steps:

  • Open Adobe Photoshop.
  • Open an image you’d like to enhance.
Open an image you’d like to enhance with Photoshop
Open an image you’d like to enhance with Photoshop
  • Choose Filter > Skylum Software > LuminarAI … (a dialog box will appear to indicate that Luminar is running).
Choose Filter - Skylum Software - Luminar AI
Choose Filter > Skylum Software > Luminar AI
  • Luminar AI should automatically open the image you were editing. If needed, click the Luminar AI icon in your Dock or Taskbar to switch to it.
  • Make any edits or adjustments in Luminar AI and use Templates to speed up your editing workflow.
  • When done, click the Apply button to send the adjusted image back to Photoshop.
Your image will automatically  open into Luminar AI  where you can make your new edits

After you are happy with your adjustments, click on the Apply button in the upper right corner to save your image back into Photoshop. The Luminar AI window will close down and reopen the Photoshop window. Here you will find your image layer updated with the new adjustments. Luminar AI will also be displayed as a smart filter.

Does Luminar AI work with Photoshop?
Luminar AI can operate as a Smart Filter in Photoshop. If you designate a Photoshop layer as a Smart Object, you can then launch the LuminarAI plugin as normal to make edits. When you return to Photoshop, you can always double-click on the layer and return to LuminarAI with all edits intact.

Is Luminar AI better than Photoshop?
Luminar has several distinct advantages over Photoshop in terms of basic photo editing capabilities and ease of use. In Luminar, you can easily organize, edit, and export photos in a unified workflow. In Photoshop, you get access to more customizable and powerful adjustments, but with a more complex editing process.

Is Luminar AI worth it?
In conclusion, I recommend Luminar AI to anyone looking for powerful yet simple photo editing software. Templates are a nice way to quickly edit your photos if you’re a beginner or lazy photographer. For me, the best Luminar AI feature is the plugin option of Lightroom, as this is how I use it virtually every day.

How do I install Luminar AI as a Photoshop plugin?
To install Luminar AI as a plugin in Adobe Photoshop, open Luminar AI and click on the Luminar AI logo in the upper left corner. From the drop-down menu that appears, select “Install Plugins,” then click the “Install” buttons beside Photoshop and Lightroom in the programs list.

How To Install Luminar AI Into Photoshop
he installation of Luminar AI into Photoshop and Lightroom is very straightforward and can be done using the same steps.

First, you’ll need to download, install, and open Luminar AI on your computer. If you haven’t already done so, you can download Luminar AI at Skylum home page. Better yet, you can save yourself Money in the process by using my Luminar AI discount code at HERE. Think of it as a little thank you for stopping by!

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