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Addressing Problems with Video Export in Movavi: An In-Depth Tutorial

Encountering an “unknown error occurred” message during the export of your project can be frustrating. However, understanding the potential causes and following the right steps can help resolve this issue. Here’s a comprehensive guide to troubleshoot and prevent such errors in the future:

1. Addressing Encoder Issues: If the export fails due to improperly functioning drivers, take the following steps:

  • Disable all ticked accelerations in the Video Editor menu by navigating to Settings > Preferences > Acceleration.
Disable all ticked accelerations in the Video Editor

2. Ensure Up-to-Date Graphics Card Drivers: To prevent future problems, regularly check and update your graphic card drivers.

3. Managing Project Files and Locations: Ensure all project files remain in their original location to avoid complications:

  • Keep files added to your project at the same location as when the project started.
  • If files were added from a remote drive that has been removed, saving the video becomes impossible.

4. Codec Activation and Video Export: Be aware of potential issues related to codec activation and video export:

  • If codec activation is rejected by the end user, exporting the video in certain formats may not be possible.

5. Stabilization and Resource Management: For projects with stabilization applied, manage resources effectively:

  • If a stabilized video fails to export despite previous methods, try trimming the very last frame of the stabilized fragment.

6. Considerations for 32-Bit OS: If using a 32-bit OS and dealing with a large project, consider dividing it into parts:

  • Export the project in segments to avoid overwhelming system resources.

7. Optimize Project Size: If the project size is causing resource issues, try the following:

  • Save the project in Draft quality to reduce resource requirements.

8. Contact Support: If the problem persists after trying the above solutions, contact our Support team for further assistance.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively troubleshoot export errors, optimize your project, and ensure a smoother experience with your video editing endeavors.

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1. How do I restore my Movavi Video Editor?

In the event of a computer malfunction preventing you from saving your project, there is a possibility to recover some of your work using an “autosave” file. Simply rename the “autosave. mepx” file and open it in the Video Editor to resume your project seamlessly.

2. Where are Movavi projects saved?

By default, Movavi saves your projects to “\My Videos\Movavi Screen Capture Studio\Projects.” However, you have the flexibility to save your projects to any preferred location.

3. What is a graphics card driver?

A graphics card driver is software enabling the operating system and software applications to utilize the computer’s graphics hardware, commonly known as the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). To optimize hardware performance, it is advisable to ensure regular updates for the video card (GPU) drivers.

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