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3 great tools to take control of Windows

Cleaner, faster, clearer–and a must-have for Windows 11 systems!

Ashampoo WinOptimizer  A comprehensive PC optimization suite

Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 25 is a comprehensive PC optimization suite with over 30 feature modules. The program boosts performance, fixes system issues, and reduces file clutter.

Benefits at a glance

✔ Full Windows 11 compatibility
✔ Analyze and accelerate boot times with Boot Center
✔ Autorun module with startup times for individual programs and system apps
✔ Manage and disable Windows tasks individually
✔ Powerful Privacy Manager module to disable Windows telemetry
✔ Totally overhauled 1-Click Optimizer
✔ Extended system analysis for fast all-round optimization
✔ Process Manager with in-depth information for professionals
✔ Dynamic dashboards with new features and settings
✔ Find more extensions with up-to-date Browser Extension Manager
✔ New direct cookie management with Internet Cleaner
✔ Handy tooltips with context-sensitive help information for important features
✔ Faster drive analysis in Disk Doctor
✔ Up-to-date cleaners
✔ New filters for better results in Duplicate Finder
✔ Auto-emptying of Windows recycle bin
✔ Greatly reduced memory consumption in multiple modules

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 25 coupon code
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 25 coupon code

Remove unwanted programs without leftovers!

Ashampoo UnInstaller   combines four techniques to delete software

Ashampoo® UnInstaller combines four techniques to delete software. It’s the ideal solution to delete programs, Windows Apps and browser add-ons quickly, easily and without leftovers.

Benefits at a glance

✔ Eliminate leftovers even after system reboots
✔ Optional restore point creation before uninstalls
✔ Robust background installation tracking
✔ View additional information and statistics on program usage
✔ New drive and partition-based filters for better visual clarity
✔ Integrated homepage links for program manufacturers

The excellent offering sales of Ashampoo UnInstaller
The excellent offering sales of Ashampoo UnInstaller

Provides optimal performance through up-to-date drivers!

Ashampoo Driver Updater finds the best drivers

Wrong or old drivers are the enemy of every computer system. Often, drivers are missing or hopelessly outdated. Ashampoo® Driver Updater not only finds the best drivers but also installs them for you.

Benefits at a glance

✔ Finds and updates missing or outdated drivers
✔ Guarantees optimal performance and a rock solid system
✔ Easy to use thanks to smart automatic features
✔ Get the best gaming performance out of your PC
✔ Fixes WLAN, sound or printer issues
✔ More than 400,000 drivers for over 150,000 supported devices
✔ Always up-to-date database for all common Windows versions
✔ Proven security concept with functionality and backup checks

Wonderful discounts code of Ashampoo Driver Updater
Wonderful discounts code of Ashampoo Driver Updater

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