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iolo Phoenix 360 helps protect you from all security issues

Phoenix 360 is more than just software – it represents the future of PC care and maintenance, in which the performance you’ve come to rely on, the protection you expect, and the privacy our digital lives require are all integrated into one seamless experience. including:

  • Optimize PC speed
  • Block and remove malware
  • Recover irreplaceable files
  • Permanently delete sensitive data
  • Shield your online habits from spying eyes
  • Enhance identity theft protection
  • Stop browser tracking cookie cleaners miss
  • Secure and manage all your passwords
  • Mask credit cards during online transactions
Introducing Phoenix 360™
Introducing Phoenix 360™

What total performance, protection and privacy in your digital life means

There are a frightening number of security and performance vulnerabilities in modern computing as methods for stealing your data, hacking your PC or bogging you down in bloatware, spam and pop-up ads grow more sophisticated every minute.

Many of the world’s largest companies that consumers deal with daily have proven incapable of protecting personal data.* Hackers even forced the resignation of the Equifax CEO when they obtained the personal data of over 145 million U.S. consumers, including the credit card numbers of hundreds of thousands of people.

In such fraught times, iolo technologies, maker of the best-selling PC optimization software System Mechanic, delivers the most comprehensive security, privacy and optimization package yet to help safeguard, speed up and simplify your digital life with seven premium products for one low price.

What are the products included with Phoenix 360?

Phoenix 360 is a comprehensive security, privacy and optimization package. It consists of 7 integrated software products, including all the features of System Mechanic, which is the speed and stability component of Phoenix 360.

  • System Mechanic award-winning performance optimization
  • System Shield VB100-certified AV protection
  • Privacy Guardian anti-browser fingerprinting online privacy protection
  • ByePass secure password encryption and management
  • Malware Killer on-demand malware removal.This product is undergoing final integration and will be installable within the next few weeks after
  • DriveScrubber military-grade drive wiping technology
  • Search and Recover deleted file recovery software

What does Phoenix 360 helps protect you against?

  • Password hacks
  • Credit card theft
  • Spying on your online habits
  • Personal data selling
  • Targeted price discrimination
  • Reputation compromise
  • Ad-trackers
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Sensitive data theft
  • Malware invasions:
    • protects against threats
    • removes existing infections
  • Windows security holes
  • Bloatware and startup bottlenecks
  • Slowdown induced by needlessly running background apps

Keep devices healthy, fast and safe with Phoenix 360, the first all-in-one software to help secure, speed up and protect all aspects of your digital life.TM

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