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Overcoming People, Process, and Technology Challenges in Cybersecurity: Insights from Tenable’s Latest Study

We explored the complex realm of cybersecurity in a recent 2023 commissioned study carried out by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tenable in order to identify the real challenges that companies confront when putting into practice efficient risk-reduction strategies. Our research highlights how crucial people, process, and technological issues are to cybersecurity teams trying to strengthen preventive measures against growing cyberthreats.

Key Findings

1. Preventive Cybersecurity Challenges

In the face of unprecedented scrutiny from government agencies, insurance companies, and investors, organizations grapple with the triad of people, process, and technology challenges. These barriers make it difficult to effectively report and communicate about risk. The challenge of implementing preventive cybersecurity is made more difficult by the attack surface’s complexity.

Overcoming People, Process, and Technology Challenges in Cybersecurity: Insights from Tenable's Latest Study

Our latest white paper, titled “Old Habits Die Hard: How People, Process, and Technology Challenges Are Hurting Cybersecurity Teams,” unveils critical insights. In the last two years, organizations were only prepared to preventively defend against 57% of cyberattacks, leaving them vulnerable to 43%. The significance of resolving these issues is highlighted by a 2023 survey that was commissioned and included 825 cybersecurity and IT leaders.

2. IT Infrastructure Complexity

The intricate nature of IT infrastructure, relying on multiple cloud systems and various identity tools, introduces opportunities for misconfigurations. Preventive cybersecurity requires the capacity to identify, rank, and prioritize vulnerabilities; however, because cybersecurity solutions are isolated, it can be challenging to fully comprehend an organization’s exposure.

3. People-Centric Challenges

Internal conflicts, siloed teams, and divergent evaluation criteria hinder preventive cybersecurity efforts. Almost 60% of respondents note that cybersecurity teams are too occupied with critical incidents to adopt a preventive approach. Difficulties in coordination between IT and cybersecurity teams further contribute to this challenge.

4. Process Obstacles

Organizational silos impede collaboration, with cloud infrastructure decisions often excluding cybersecurity input. Inadequate communication and infrequent critical system meetings hinder risk reduction efforts. Over a third of respondents highlight delays in involving the cybersecurity team in cloud service decision-making.

5. Technological Hurdles

Siloed cybersecurity tools hamper insights into exposure depth and breadth. The reactive nature of three out of four commonly used tools complicates proactive cybersecurity practices. Integrating important context about users and access privileges proves challenging due to siloed systems.


In order to tackle cybersecurity challenges, a comprehensive approach is needed which takes into account people, processes and technology. To be able to take an active cyber security stance, organizations must overcome internal differences, enhance collaboration and make investments in a coherent solution. Commitment to a coherent strategy which matches the evolution of the cybersecurity landscape will be essential if we are to achieve efficient risk reduction.

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1. Why is it important to prevent cyber attacks?

The prevention of cyber attacks is crucial, given that a single security breach could lead to the disclosure of millions of personally identifiable data and render companies’ profits incalculable as well as undermine customer confidence. In order to protect businesses and persons from the threats posed by spammers and hackers, cyber security is therefore of paramount importance.

2. Can cyber attacks be prevented?

Understanding protocols, exploits and tools used by the bad guys will help to mitigate cyber attacks. Tenable’s software offers vital information that enables preventative measures. The awareness and Tenable solutions will increase the ability to prevent any cyber threat effectively.

3. Who needs cyber security?

Robust cyber security is necessary in the face of growing cybercrime threats. Cybercrime and data loss pose a danger to all of us, including governments, businesses, notfor profit organisations or educational institutions; therefore it is imperative that we take robust security measures.

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