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Get FREE Media Player Morpher Plus when buy Voice Changer Diamond

Update: This promotion has expired. If you want to find discount code without time limit, please grab by 2 links below:

During our April Fools’ Day event, purchasers of Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 will instantly qualify for an amazing bonus, our innovative, new Media Player Morpher PLUS as a FREE gift! 

As April Fools’ Day comes closer, Audio4fun is announcing a never-before offered bonus, in which the premium Media Player Morpher PLUS, valued at $199.95, will be a free giveaway for purchasers of Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0. This special offer is only valid for a short time, until April 5, 2014. For further information, visit http://www.audio4fun.com/promotion.htm

In explaining the reason for this “crazy” offer, Peter Nguyen, COO of +Audio4fun , began by saying, “April Fools’ Day is the funniest holiday of the year. Why not take this opportunity to make two great programs available to users who wish to go beyond the same old, boring ticks so typical of this holiday.” Nguyen continued, “With today’s technology and our programs, we can easily go beyond the expected jokes and create something really unique and entertaining, while still fooling their intended recipient. So we decided, why not make all the tools available to the users for this holiday; not just a great voice changing tool, but additionally to provide them with a feature-packed suite of professional level tools for all their audio needs.” 

“Now users can create amazing audio works, from simple, mischievous hoaxes to great, creative funny projects. Most of all, we believe these two programs together will create a peerless audio station that every audiophile will want to have,” said Nguyen.

Media Player Morpher PLUS is our newest release – just rolled out last month – just one year after the successful release of Media Player Morpher FREE. The new PLUS version unlocks a mammoth library of 600 audio effects and presets, with many striking, customizable effects, including Pseudo Surround, Multiband Dynamics, Amplitude Morpher and so on. All effects can be previewed at http://www.audio4fun.com/audio-effect-samples.htm

Going beyond a normal media player, the free version of Media Player Morpher offers 5 audio tools, 2 video tools, 1 utility and is regularly updated, with more tools to come. Therefore, it is expected to fulfill the needs of an all-in-one audio solution with a high-quality player plus capabilities for creating, editing and sharing audio/video.

The Plus version of Media Player Morpher, which regularly costs $199.95, is being offered free with each purchase of Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0, from now until April 5th. Join in the holiday spirit and really express yourself; be creative! If you need some ideas to get your creations started, some inspiring April Fools’ hoaxes can be found at http://www.audio4fun.com/april-fools-day.htm

Be sure to check it out today!


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