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Electromagnetic Simulation in Education

Electromagnetic Simulation in Education – ExH offer 97% for education

Electromagnetic Simulation in education today is an essential part of any electrical engineering or physics curriculum.

Because it’s so important, ExH devote ourselves to promoting education.

Today’s students will play an important role in designing the high-speed internet of tomorrow. Also, they will also be designing all types of optical systems for use in medicine, telecom and even exploring the universe. To do this, they deserve access to the best education software they can get. Faculty and students deserve a discount.

ExH is supporting the education of those future designers. ExH do this by offering their software at a discount. As a result, their price for education use is less than the cost of a textbook.

Faculty and students at eligible institutions can sign up for any released or beta software by ExH at a low, low price. Note, all you need is a valid school email address. It’s not a trial. We do not throttle it back. ExH educational software package is identical to the software that comes with their Commercial license.

Register using your edu email address. We will then attempt to validate your educational status. When that is complete, you can login and view all of your options. Then, you’ll be able to see the special education software options.

What you get …

reTORT is ExH geometric-optics ray tracer which has also proven itself in the high-frequency RF spectrum. Their ray tracer was built from scratch with the latest software technologies. It models and optimizes the most complex systems you can imagine.

ExH is not a traditional ray tracer. It was not built for homogeneous lenses and then adapted for the newest design methods. They designed reTORT from the ground up to employ the latest technologies.

Thus, gradient index and metasurface features are easily defined within reTORT itself. We built it from the ground up to design, run simulations and optimize the most complex systems you can imagine.

PFSS (Periodic Frequency-Selective Surfaces) is a set of simulation tool sused to efficiently solve the problem of electromagnetic scattering from periodic structures. It will function for any incidence angle or polarization.

This is a full wave solver. Contrary to most though, it is lightning fast. The software is suitable for designing devices for RF, THz, IR, and optical applications. Because of its speed, you can run simulations and test alternatives rapidly before physical testing. As a specialized simulation tool, the solvers within PFSS can rapidly compute the scattering properties from periodic frequency selective surfaces and metamaterials.

ExH PFSS Beta version is included in your education software license. This tool has even been found to be easily employed in undergraduate curricula.

And you get this to tie it all together …

And with any solver, you automatically receive GEMSIF. GEMSIF is our GEometry, Modeling, and Simulation InterFace. It is the computational framework that ties together all of our solvers.

GEMSIF is our common platform through which you’ll perform optimizations. Much of the computational support is provided by GEMSIF. And, finally, GEMSIF is the tool through which you’ll render your designs.

Our GEMSIF framework is tremendously flexible and powerful. It’s unique in computational physics and electromagnetic simulation.

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