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Firework effects for your photos

Create glowing firework effects for slideshow photos

SmartSHOW is a supreme software tool which assists you in creating beautiful photo slideshows in a flash thanks to its professional features and friendly interface. Last time, we guided you cool way to create a romantic slideshow for Valentine’s Day. In this tutorial, we will show you how SmartSHOW does not only create slideshow easily, but also makes your photos magnificent with glowing effects. Here, we’re particularly focusing on creating glowing firework effects for your photo slideshow.

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Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create a new slideshow project

Run SmartSHOW >> Click New Project.

New project with Smartshow

In Add tab >> Photos & Videos >> Browse for the location where your photos are stored (1).

Use the quick keyboard combination Ctrl+A to select all photos, or press Ctrl and click multiple photos as you wish (2). Then, click the green arrow (3) to add them to the slideshow.

Add photos to slideshow, Create glowing firework effects for slideshow photos

Step 2: Apply glowing effects to the slides

On preview section, click Edit Slide button >> A new window will appear.

Apply glowing effects to the slides

Click Slide Effects >> Fire, flicker, glowing text and shapes.

Fire flicker glowing text and shapes

In Glowing Effects Gallery, select the effect you like and click Add to Slide.

Glowing effect menu

The effect is now present on the photo, you can make it bigger/smaller and simply drag/drop it at desired position.

Drag and edit effect

On the right column, there’s a cool effect editor, including Layer Types, Select shape…, Enter text and other animation editors (4).

Layer types

Select shape


Add text animation

When you’re done, click Save button to return to main panel. Now preview your product by clicking Play/Stop button in preview section.

Preview the effects created by SmartSHOW

Step 3: Edit slideshow transitions (Optional)

In the storyboard section of the main panel, you’ll see 2-second transitions (5) between the photos. Click on it to check out how they look on the slideshow.

Edit slideshow transition

To change transitions, click Transition tab (6) >> drag and drop your favorite ones to transition boxes between the photos (7).

When you’re satisfied with the project, click File >> Save project.

Save project

Tips: Don’t pay SmartShow with full price at $29. Because You can buy SmartShow with coupon codeonly $8.70 here (70% OFF)

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