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Ensuring Top-tier Data Security and Privacy with ATLAS.ti’s AI Features

At ATLAS.ti, safeguarding your data and privacy is our top priority, especially when utilizing our AI-powered functionalities like AI Coding, AI Summaries, and AI Code Suggestions. Trusted globally by prestigious universities and leading enterprises, we uphold the highest standards in data protection and transparency, particularly through our collaboration with OpenAI.

Our Commitment to Data Protection

  1. Military-grade Encryption: Your data undergoes robust encryption protocols both in transit and at rest, employing 256-bit AES encryption, a standard trusted by militaries worldwide.
  2. Compliance with GDPR: We adhere to stringent global data protection regulations, ensuring compliance and bolstering the security of your data.
  3. No AI Model Training: Rest assured, none of your data is utilized to train or enhance AI models. Your data remains strictly private and isolated.
  4. Isolated Environments: OpenAI’s models operate within secure, isolated environments entirely distinct from your data, eliminating any possibility of data mingling.
  5. Minimal Data Collection: We collect only essential data necessary for delivering our AI services, demonstrating our commitment to minimal data collection practices.
  6. Third-party Auditing: Independent auditing firms conduct annual audits of OpenAI’s practices to verify alignment with industry best practices, ensuring ongoing security and adherence to standards.

With our multi-layered security approach, you can trust that your data is in safe hands when utilizing ATLAS.ti’s AI features. We are dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your information, fostering a secure environment for your research and analysis needs.

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1. Where is Atlas TI data stored?

ATLAS.ti stores project data and all associated documents by default in a subfolder named “Scientific Software” within the application folder on your computer.

2. How does data coding work?

Coding in qualitative data analysis involves assigning descriptive labels to aspects of the data, facilitating the researcher’s identification of related content throughout the dataset. The decision to code, or not, should be guided by your chosen methodology.

3. Is Atlas TI cloud based?

ATLAS.ti Web represents the entirely cloud-based iteration of the robust qualitative data analysis software, offering users significant advantages within the ATLAS ecosystem.

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