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A Guide to Running SQL on Apple Silicon Macs Using Docker Desktop

For software developers, having access to a local database is crucial. However, certain databases, such as Microsoft SQL, rely on the x86_64 architecture and might not be compatible with the latest Mac computers powered by Apple Silicon’s ARM64 technology. Can Microsoft SQL be Utilized on Any Mac? Regrettably, Microsoft SQL lacks support across macOS platforms, including those equipped with older …

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Are there measures I can take to stop my Mac from crashing so often?

Unfortunately, many of you have likely encountered the alerts depicted in Figure 1. When using Parallels┬« Desktop, crashes can be attributed to bugs in macOS, Windows, or even Parallels Desktop itself. Despite the relentless efforts of engineers from Apple, Microsoft, and Parallels, these bugs occasionally emerge. To reduce the occurrence of such crashes, here are a few measures you can …

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