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Parallels Toolbox 5.5 Unveils Exciting Enhancements with New Tools!

Discover the latest in Mac productivity with the release of Parallels Toolbox for Mac version 5.5! Since its debut in 2016 with 20 tools, we’ve consistently delivered on our promise of regular updates, and the newest version packs a punch with a total of 53 tools (refer to Figure 1). Introducing Two Power-Packed Tools: Encrypt Files and Verify Checksum Encrypt …

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Optimize Workflow: Embrace ‘Snapshot Salvation’ with Parallels Desktop

You’re tired of interruptions in your work due to unexpected system updates? Developers often find themselves stuck in a predicament when an update disrupts their development environment. But fear not, for there’s a solution that can save you from these unexpected crises: Parallels Desktop and its powerful Snapshot feature. Picture this: you’re developing a cross-platform Flutter application on your Mac, …

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Running Power BI on a Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide

To run Power BI on a Mac, you can use Parallels Desktop for Mac, which allows you to run Windows on your Mac computer. Since Microsoft hasn’t released an official Power BI desktop version for Mac, using Windows virtualization is a viable solution. Parallels Desktop for Mac supports both M1 and Intel-based Macs and is compatible with Windows 11, ensuring …

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A Guide to Running SQL on Apple Silicon Macs Using Docker Desktop

For software developers, having access to a local database is crucial. However, certain databases, such as Microsoft SQL, rely on the x86_64 architecture and might not be compatible with the latest Mac computers powered by Apple Silicon’s ARM64 technology. Can Microsoft SQL be Utilized on Any Mac? Regrettably, Microsoft SQL lacks support across macOS platforms, including those equipped with older …

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Occasionally, Additional Solutions Are Necessary Beyond Apple’s Offerings

Being a Mac user since the inception of the Macintosh in 1984, I tend to give Apple’s tools a shot whenever they are available for a specific task. For instance, I utilize Disk Utility to format or repair disks and USB sticks, manage fonts using Font Book, and play videos using QuickTime Player. However, I’m not entirely committed to Apple …

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Are there measures I can take to stop my Mac from crashing so often?

Unfortunately, many of you have likely encountered the alerts depicted in Figure 1. When using Parallels® Desktop, crashes can be attributed to bugs in macOS, Windows, or even Parallels Desktop itself. Despite the relentless efforts of engineers from Apple, Microsoft, and Parallels, these bugs occasionally emerge. To reduce the occurrence of such crashes, here are a few measures you can …

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