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Morph series of image

How to Morph a Series of Images in One Minute

In today’s’ tutorial, we will show you a cool way to turn a series of images into a gorgeous morphing project wizard using the advanced FantaMorph from Abrosoft. For those who are still new with this program, check out our full review for FantaMorph here, and a comparison review for 3 different versions.

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Let’s get started!

Step 1: Run Fantamorph

Open the program >> Click File >> Create a new project >> Sequence Morph (or Layer Moph).

Sequence morph, How to Morph a Series of Images

Sequence morph 2, Morph a Series of Images

Click + button to add images for Source Image Sequence. You can select one by one, or multiple images from a folder, then use Up and Down arrow buttons to arrange the order of these images as you wish.

move image up and down in Morphing a many Images

Step 2: Detect faces and generate key dots

Once the morph project has been created, set your desired movie size first.

Set movie size to morph many image

Due to size differences between images, each one’s key dots may not correspond with each other. But no worries! You don’t need to edit key dots one by one thanks to Fantamorph’s Face Extractor feature. On menu bar, click Add-Ins >> Face Extractor… >> Apply All. Fantamorph will detect the face in your images automatically.

Face extractor, Fantamorph will detect the face in your images

Face extractor 2

Click Add-Ins >> Face Locator… you will see the program intelligently detect and place key dots on each of your image. However, you are always free to edit key dots to make the morphing process more perfect.

Face Locator

Face Locator 2

Click Apply All and preview your final morphed project.

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