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How to Encrypt Data with Folder Lock

As reviewed in previous article, we have mentioned how cool Folder Lock is as a data security software program for everyone, especially those having to tackle plenty of documents and essential information everyday. This professional program enables you to encrypt and decrypt any data stored in your driver on-the-fly. Having Folder Lock in hand, you’ll no longer have to worry about keeping your files safe. For further details about Folder Lock, check out our full review at this link.

Folder Lock is not a free program, it costs $39.95. But you can get the fully featured program here at a way cheaper price – only $27.97. Click here!

Today’s post will bring you a step-by-step guide on how to encrypt data with Folder Lock. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create a Locker

Run Folder Lock >> Go to Encrypt Files  feature >> Click Create Locker on the top menu.


Create Locker button will create a Locker for you, which is an encrypted storage file using 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to protect your data.

Select your Locker Name and change Locker Path as you wish >> Click Next >> Enter your password in Set Locker Password field.


NOTE! This password cannot be recovered!

Step 2: Specify your Locker

After setting Locker Password, you will need to select a type of Locker between 2 options: Portable Locker and Basic Locker.


Portable Locker supports secure backups to your own personal online digital storage account, while Basic one does not. However, Basic Locker allows you to encrypt any type and size of data you have. Once you’re done choosing.

Click Next to go forward >> choose the size of data you want to be protected by Folder Lock. Normally, Locker size between 300MB – 2TB is for Portable Locker, 20MB – 14TB is for Basic Locker.

NOTE!!!  Please keep in mind that you will NOT be able to change this data size in the future!


When everything is ready, click on Finish button. If you tick Open Locker on Finish in previous step, it will be opened instantly. If you do not wish to, just uncheck it.



Step 3: Encrypt files

After clicking Finish, you’ll be led to Locker list in the main Encrypt Files interface. Here, you can freely Open/Edit/Copy/Move and Delete your Locker. Alternatively, you may add your Locker to the Secure Backup list.


If Locker isn’t listed in Encrypt Files list, go to Encrypt Files >> Open Locker >> locate and select your Locker from the computer >> Enter your password in Enter Password field >> Click Open to open Locker in browser.

Now, all you need to do is to drag/drop (or copy/paste) files to your Locker.

If date is listed but its status is Closed, proceed the same method above and it will be encrypted as usual.


If your file’s status is Opened, follow these steps: Encrypt Files >> select Locker >> Explore at the bottom-left of the list >> select your files and add them to Locker by drag/drop or copy/paste method.


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