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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Make a Successful YouTube Video

The article provides a comprehensive guide on creating successful YouTube videos. It covers crafting a winning strategy, understanding the audience, selecting a style, and ensuring consistency. The equipment and shooting tips emphasize creativity over expensive gear. The editing process is detailed, suggesting Movavi Video Editor, and the article concludes with tips on uploading, promoting, responding to comments, and generating income …

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How to use the Merge Transition

Using the Merge Transition Effect in your vMix production

The Merge Transition Effect is a great way to transition when using the vMix Multi-View! In this video we’ll demonstrate how to use the Merge Transition effect for Multi Views in vMix. This is a great effect to use when Interviewing multiple people or covering multiple inputs! vMix is live video production software that allows you to produce, record and …

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How to stream your live video production             with vMix

How to stream your live video production with vMix

This video will take a look at how to stream your live video production with vMix. It will go through all of the settings and get you started with your first stream. Some items mentioned in the video Streaming to multiple locations Stream to Facebook Getting started with vMix videos vMix is live video production software that allows you to …

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Convert YouTube videos to MP3 for Mac

In this guide, we will make you believe converting any Youtube video to MP3 files on Mac OS X is just a piece-of-cake as long as you have a right “assistant” in hand. Why? You may find lots of good music in YouTube and freely enjoy it. Unfortunately, there’s no playback function in YouTube, as well as other music player …

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Convert youtube to mp3 for Windows

Convert Youtube videos directly to MP3 on PC

Last time, we have instructed to you on how to convert Youtube video for Mac OS. This time, our tutorial will focus on Youtube video converter for Windows. And the program of choice is WinX HD Video Converter Delux. About the program WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a professional converter specially designed for high definition (HD) videos. This program …

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Get email notification of new videos from YouTube channel

You have subscribed to a YouTube channel and You want to get email notification when channel upload video. Unfortunately, YouTube will not notify you of channel’s posting any new videos unless you request to be notified by email. This tutorial will explains what you need to get these email notifications, so you can stay in tune with these subscriptions. Step …

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