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Making Collage, Photo Card and Poster Has Never Been So Easy

Free online photo collage maker, no need to download – FotoJet

Now, iVoicesoft will introduce to you a photo collage maker, FotoJet, a online tool, no need to download to your computer. Fast and easy but very cool! All most you do are Choose a template for inspiration, Add your photos then Save your collage result. Again, Without download, without Ads and Without watermark on your picture. You can start your work here: http://www.fotojet.com/create/collage/ Or if you …

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Easy ways to change your voice

Easy Tips to Change Your Voice

Not confident with your real voice? This article will show you various simple ways you can use to make you sound cooler than usual. The way your voice sound is decided based on the size of your vocal cords and other physiological factors. It usually changes by the time you go through puberty. But don’t worry! There are lots of …

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Get email notification of new videos from YouTube channel

You have subscribed to a YouTube channel and You want to get email notification when channel upload video. Unfortunately, YouTube will not notify you of channel’s posting any new videos unless you request to be notified by email. This tutorial will explains what you need to get these email notifications, so you can stay in tune with these subscriptions. Step …

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