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Featured - Create creepy video for Halloween

Create a surprising video for Halloween using Filmora

As Halloween is coming close, this time, iVoiceSoft would like to bring you all a simple tutorial instructing you on making a surprising video clip to scare the hell out of your friend. With the help of Filmora (originally named as Wondershare Video Editor), you will find making a Halloween video is way easier than ever before.

Before getting started, everyone can check out our detailed review for this fantastic video editor.


$69.99 for a lifetime license. But you can buy Filmora with 60% DISCOUNT (Only $23) from Wondershare coupon page

Steps to take

Update: Check the new level to Create Spookiest Videos With Professional Halloween Effects and download Halloween audio effects

Step 1: Open your video on Filmora

Run the program >> Choose Full Feature Mode

Click Import button (1) to open your video file. Alternatively, you can click (2).

Import video

Click and drag your video to Filmora timeline for editing.

Drag video to timeline

Step 2: Insert scary pictures (or video) in the main file

Import your scary picture/video to the program by repeating step 1.

Import scary picture

Timing is important! Choose carefully where you want to insert these surprising elements by playing it (3).

Then, stop at where you want the scary picture/video to appear.

Right-click on the timeline >> Split (4)

Split the video

Now, your video has turned into 2 separate parts. Drag and drop Halloween picture/video to the part you just split. Adjust the length of time which you want this to be shown here.

Drag scary picture into the video

Learn more how to trim/split/join video files at this link.

– Do similar steps for your scary video.
– You can insert as many Halloween stuffs as you want

Step 3: Add audio background (optional)

A little support from listening sense can make things crazier. Find a horrific scream, or mysterious audio sound to surprise your pals in more effective way.

Steps to take: Import the audio file >> Drag and drop it to the timeline, in Audio session (5) >> Drag it to where you want it to be played >> Adjust its length.

Add audio background

You can also make some basic editing on the audio by right-clicking on it (6)

Edit the audio background

Learn more how to add or replace audio file in a video here.

Step 4: Export the final product

Everything looks great!

Now you can export your final production by choosing Export button and save it under various types of video/audio formats.

Export halloween video file

Check out this quick video tutorial to see how easy it is to join video files together using Filmora:

Have fun!

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